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How to Wear Lilac For Spring 2018

Happy Thursday! Spring is here and pastels are all the craze! Today’s SHEspiration is all about how to rock this seasons hottest trend Lilac or Lavender (whatever you want to call it) and I’ve got you covered from head to toe! Post Update: The difference between Lilac and Lavender is Lilac is the light purple color with a pinkish hue, whereas Lavender is the light purple color…

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How To Wear Pastels To Work

Hey now, it’s Work It Wednesday and y’all know what that means!  I’m showing you a work inspired look that you can easily re-create. Today’s look is all about pastels! I bought these cute lilac shoes the other week and I’ve been dying to style them.   Spring is here, FINALLY… well for some of us it’s only here by…