Sole Serum was given to me to review and honestly, I had never heard of it before. After using it guuuuurl it will be one of my go to’s from now on! If you are always on your feet or just have that pair of shoes that set your feet on fire, this is the product for you!

I was skeptical at first because every product says they are THE product that fixes XYZ problem but this product really works.  After about 7 hours in these beauties, my feet were talking to me.  So I put on some Sole Serum and a short while later my pain subsided. I was good to go without walking like a horse…lol.  Y’all know the “my feet hurt” walk…it’s so not cute! lol

Sole Serum has 4% Lidocaine and natural ingredients tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lavender oils to help ease the pain. Simply apply 2-3 pumps to the inflamed area, then WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. If you don’t you will be sliding around in your shoes and that’s not cute!

The bottle is so sleek and small it will fit in any clutch or wristlet making it easy for you to take it on the go! However, if you forgot your Sole Serum at home you can put it on when you get home.  It will ease your pain and help you go to sleep without your feet having a heartbeat…lol.

There are a few staples that I always use/take when I’m going out with the girls or my boo on these cool summer evenings. Well, no evenings are cool here in AZ during the summer however EVERYWHERE is airconditioned.

  1. Sweater or a Motto Jacket – Whenever I’m inside an establishment I’m cold so I like to have something to keep me warm and fashionable.  In other parts of the world where the temp drops at night, it’s always nice to have something to throw on to keep you warm.

  2. Bold Lipstick – gotta keep your lipstick poppin

  3. Big Earrings – cause there’s nothing like a big pair of earrings to set off an outfit

  4. Cute clutch or small wristlet – Leave your day to day purse at home. Wear a small and cute purse that will carry your id, debit cards and lipstick (oh and don’t forget the Sole Serum for your feet!)

Well, ladies, that’s all I have for you today. I HIGHLY recommend Sole Serum if you want to be cute and not have to endure foot pain it’s the product for you.  If you decide to try it out you can get a FREE bonus bottle when you purchase a four-pack of Sole Serum with promo code GETONE.  The promo code expires on 7/31/2018. Hope you all have a fabulous week and remember…





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