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3 Ways To Amp Up Your New Year Eve Outfit

The key to a cute New Years Eve outfit is all about the 3 S’s!  If you don’t want to stand out any other night of the year this is the night that you gather all your chutzpah and put it into your outfit! This is the night of the year that you are supposed to stand out. Style Tip –> Combine these 3…

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What To Wear On Christmas

Ho ho ho… Merry Christmas Eve Dolls!  Tomorrow’s Christmas can you believe it?  Where has the year gone? I plan to ramp up my blogging come 2019. So be on the lookout for more content on my blog and more videos on my Youtube channel. Oh, you didn’t know I have a Youtube channel? I sure do, so be sure to go…

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How To Wear Wide Leg Overalls

Happy Monday ladies! Today we are gonna get into these wide-leg overalls. Nope, it’s not the 90’s, overalls are back! As with most things that go out of style and come back around so have they. Plus, who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls? If you are wondering… Are overalls BACK in style… the answer is YES! If you…