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5 Ways To Make Your Maxi Dress Fall Friendly

Hey, Dolls! Welcome to a new week and a new blog post. This week we’re gonna talk about Maxi dresses for Fall.  I know they are a Summer staple but you can wear them during Fall as well. Of course, it depends on the temps on where you live but they are the perfect way to transition between the 80…

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How To Style Leopard Print With Joggers

Hey Babes! Today we are gonna talk about two of Fall’s hottest trends, animal print, well more so leopard print and joggers.  The funny thing is animal print has never really gone out of style but now it’s trending again. As with anything in fashion, it all comes back around. Joggers came on the scene a couple years ago and are…

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Motivation: Hustle For The Pretty Things

Hey Babes! Today’s post is one for EVERYONE. It’s a reminder to Hustle for the things you want in life.  Nothing is going to be handed to you.. unless you are rich, then maybe they will. As you guys know I recently opened up my online boutique The Poshe Life (be sure to check it out). It’s only been 2 weeks…