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How To Mix Patterns & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hey now, how have you guys been? Let’s talk a little about comfort zones.  It’s always easy to stay within your comfort zone when dressing but if you do how will you ever elevate your style?  For some of you, jeans and sneakers are your comfort zone or you might be a sweatpants chick or maybe you only wear neutrals. Me, I…

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She’s Engaged!

Hey guys, I’m sure you already know because most of you follow me on IG BUT last week on my Birthday I turned 45 and got ENGAGED all at the same time! Ohhhhh M G! I have to say I’m still a little shell-shocked, I look at my ring finger and still can’t believe I’m engaged. 8 years ago I was…

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SHEFIDENCE ™ – 5 Ways To Believe In Yourself 🤪

Hey Hey Hey! If you guys have been keeping up with me on IG you already know that my goal is to start inspiring women to be better and do better.  In all honesty, the key to our success is simple, all you need is to believe in yourself aka SHEfidence ™! A few months back I wrote a blog post…